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Sign your posts with first name and last initial and include coach year and model.

Please keep posts and replies brief and to the point; comments should be constructive and about coach related issues only.

If you change the topic, please start a new post.

The following are NOT allowed:

- Arguing religious matters

- Posting SPAM, virus warnings, or chain letters of any kind

- Discussing politics, unless it is a law or action specifically affecting RVs

- Non-RV related jokes

- Posting copyrighted material from other sources without permission.  Instead post a link to the material  

We simply do not allow flaming others; have a healthy, spirited debate!  But if it becomes personal you will get warned, then moderated 

Personal ads for RVs and related equipment are welcomed in the Classified Ad section.

This Group is *MODERATED*, meaning that you will be warned, and on a second offense may be un-subscribed And banned from the site by a Moderators if you violate any of the group rules or rules of decent behavior. 

That said, the Moderators are not all-seeing  even with four of us, we might not see every post. If you see a post that’s questionable, use the FLAG option to bring it to the Moderators’ attention  

It's all up to you to keep this a clean cozy place that you would not mind a 10-year viewing, where we can hang out, have fun, and learn what makes our Monacos work best for us.


Group Owners/Co Moderators
David Pratt, Tom Cherry, Scotty Hutto, Larry Laursen

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