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Bill D’s Monacoers Rules

When posting, there are some things you can do that will help everyone and keep the site useable:

1.     BEFORE posting, please do a quick search to see if there is already a thread on what you want to post.  If there is, please add your post to that thread, as others who have discussed the topic will be alerted and may be able to help quickly. We’re really improved our search function and if it’s there, you should be able to find it.

2.     When creating a new Topic, look over all the section headings and post in the most applicable section – this makes finding posts SOOO much easier for everyone. Only use the General Discussion section for items that don’t fit anywhere else. 

3.     Keep Topic titles short as possible while still being descriptive

4.     Be concise, but give as much information as you feel necessary.  Pictures are a BIG help!

5.     Make sure your signature shows AT LEAST your first name and last initial and include coach year model, length, and floor plan (if known – i.e., 2006 Monaco Diplomat 40DST)

When replying, please keep posts constructive and about coach related issues only.

If you want to change the topic on an existing thread, please start a new Topic.

The following are simply NOT allowed:

  • Arguing religious matters
  • Posting SPAM, virus warnings, or chain letters of any kind
  • Discussing politics, unless it is a law or governmental action specifically affecting RVs
  • Posting copyrighted material from other sources without permission. (Instead post a link to the site containing the material.  For example, if you find a cool YouTube video that’s applicable to a topic, post a link to it.)  

We do not allow flaming, insulting, or belittling others; have a healthy, spirited debate!  But if it becomes personal you will first get 1) warned, then 2) moderated, and for a third offense you will be 3) banned. 

Jokes (please keep it relatively clean) are welcome in the “Humor” section. 

Personal ads for RVs, parts, and components and related equipment are welcome in the Classified Ad section. 

Commercial business are welcome to post their info in the “Parts & Services Vendor List”, but advertising elsewhere on the site is not allowed.  

This Group is *MODERATED*, meaning that if you violate any of the group rules or rules of decent behavior, you will first be warned, then for a second offense you may be moderated, and for a third offense possibly un-subscribed and banned from the site . 

That said, the Moderators are not all-seeing  even with four of us, we might not see every post. If you see a post that’s questionable, click the three little dots in the upper left hand corner and use the "Report" option to bring it to the Moderators’ attention  

It's all up to you to keep this a clean, cozy place where we can hang out, have fun, and learn what makes our Monacos work best for us.

Thank you,
David Pratt
Scotty Hutto
Frank McElroy
Tom Cherry

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