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  • Founding of Monacoers

    David Pratt

    Bill Duckwitz started the Monacoers Yahoo Group in 2004 with the help of Fred White and Rex Darley. Bill was the Owner and Founder of the Group. Fred White was the Moderator and Rex Darley had the job of keeping our files and Parts List Data.  Due to Rex’s health issues, in late 2013, Bill added Tom Cherry as Moderator and Tom also took over the Files and Parts List . Rex passed away in April, 2014.

     Bill Duckwitz, the Founder of the Monacoers Group passed away in August, 2015. Fred White, as Bill requested, took over the reins and became the primary owner.  Dave Pratt became a Co-owner/Moderator to assist Fred as he had been a member since the formation.  Dave and Tom then helped Fred in maintaining the Group until Fred’s sudden and untimely death in 2017.

     With Fred’s passing, Dave Pratt took over ownership of the Monacoers Yahoo Group as that was the wishes of both Bill and Fred.  Dave and Tom needed assistance and Dave added Larry Laursen and Frank McElroy to help manage the group as we have over 4500 members and wanted to keep a Leadership Chain in place if something were to happen to him or one of the others. Last year at the 2018 Gathering, Dave also added Scotty Hutto as a Co-owner. We now have a great management team in place with a lot of knowledge and expertise that will be responsible to carry the Group Forward in the Future.

    - Written by Dave Pratt
    This year with the help of our current Administrators and Moderators we have been able to leave the bonds of Yahoo and move to our own new home. This is the real vision that Bill, Fred and Rex wanted for the Members who own these wonderful Coaches.
    Monacoers.org is Dedicated to their Memory and the Vision they had for the future of this group.

    Edited by Tom Cherry

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