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  1. Bill D's Monacoers.Org is free to Members only. Bill D is not paying the Invision Community any monthly fee to provide this Forum as Bill passed away years before we moved to this Forum and would be unable to to pay if there was a fee. My goal as the Owner of the Monacoers.org Group as with the other Moderators was to make it available at no charge to all members. We are fortunate that we have been able to do just that. When necessary I use many other search engines and do not care if they share my info because I am very cautious about what information I have made available. Everyone
  2. The Aladdin Wiring Diagrams are in your Electrical Wiring Diagram Schematics Manual. The Drawing Numbers are 38050049, pages 1-2, and Drawing Number 38050050, pages 1-2. If you Monitor failed, why did you not just replace the Monitor??? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  3. Monaco uses the coach air to operate the Air Horns and not a separate compressor. That is your air horn solenoid. One of the airlines going into the solenoid will have the coach air pressure if the coach is aired up. The other line goes to the air horns. When you press the horn switch it activates the solenoid and send air to the horns. You should make sure you dump the air in your coach before removing the solenoid. After you dump the air it will be safe to remove and replace the Solenoid. That solenoid might be obsolete, the replacement solenoid is a Hadley, Part Number is H00550B. They
  4. If the leaking regulator is set at a Specific Pressure for the weight of the coach and it is holding that pressure despite that it is leaking, there is no real reason to re-weigh the coach unless you have changed the loading since you last weighed the coach. Just set the new regulator to the correct pressure and go.
  5. The Monaco part number for the tag axle air pressure regulator is 01807886. The vendor part number is Parker 2617-MRK-5 and the gauge reads 0-160 psi. The old Monaco part number was 01807096, Parker P/N 2617-MRK-3 and the gauge read 0-60psi that was superseded to the new part number in 2005. Grainger has the correct replacement Parker Regulator, the Grainger P/N 21U810, Parker P/N06R118AC, $82.00 and also a Norgren Regulator, P/N 22ZD19, Norgren P/NR73G-RMG-7419. $74.19. Both are the correct replacements for the Monaco Tag axle Regulator. Grainger also has a Speedaire replacement fo
  6. Hi All It has been a long hard year for all of us due to many circumstances beyond our control, but things seem to be getting back to somewhat normal in most areas of the country. We were not able to hold a Gathering for 2021 because of those circumstances. The GOOD NEWS is that I have Tentatively Confirmed with the Tampa Florida Lazydays RV Resort the dates for the Bill D's Monacoers 2022 Gathering; The dates are February 15th, 2022 thru February 20th, 2022. The arrival date is the 15th and the departure date is the 20th. Lazydays is sending me the Gathering Contract and the Catering
  7. After reviewing all the 20 pages of posts on IRV2 and the two pages of posts on our group, I do not believe we will ever know what could have caused the failure of the OP's Tow bar. There has been a great deal of speculation and good information about how, why and when about the failure. I do not condone nor go along with the Idea that it was a Fault of Blue OX. There are probably thousands of Blue Ox Tow Bars in use today and when properly maintained and inspected have had no failures. The biggest factor when it comes to failures in any piece of equipment is the owner/operator and not the pro
  8. Dennis, there is only a couple of correct ways to fix your problem; Method 1. The simple fix is to run you Gen Slide in and out all the way several times and hold the switch pressed for at least 30 seconds when you have it all the way out and again when you have it all the way in. A couple of times will not be enough, cycle it in and out several times. This method has been discussed on this group many times over the past 15 years and it does work most of the time. DO NOT EXCEED THE FIVE MINUTE RUN TIME ON THE MOTOR. Method 2. Remove the solenoid and clean or replace it. With the sole
  9. I would not even consider an Essex over your Signature! We looked at the NEMAR Essex when we were looking to Upgrade from our 05 Exec. We went and did the Newmar factory tour and I was quite disappointed with the quality of the build at the factory. We also went and did the Entegra Factory tour. I felt that the Entegra Cornerstone was a much better quality coach over the Newmar. Most of the components such as the fiberglass, wiring harnesses etc. are out sourced and not manufactured at the Factory by Newmar or Entegra. Unfortunately when comparing those two coaches to my 05 Exec the Exec
  10. Compared to other Fire Suppression Systems that are on the market the Firefight products are not expensive. The Systems installed in my coach are not to save the coach, but to give me that small envelope of precious time to get the occupants asses out of the coach safely. The Systems are not there for me to put the fire out, that is what insurance is for, Things are replaceable, LIVES are not.. I never really thought much about Fire Suppression in a coach until a good friend coming home from Alaska in his brand new Navigator had an engine fire. By the time he was able to stop the coach a
  11. The issue you are having is Common to the 2003-2005 Exec and Signatures that were built in Coberg, WA. There were some units that were built that the crossbars that the AC's mounted on were not properly welded to the side wall and over time broke free and the roof sagged due to the weight of the AC unit. The problem was mostly common the the front AC unit and the drivers side. The only fix is to remove the headliner to access the crossbars, raise them to the proper position and re-weld them to the sidewall frames Or the alternative is to just live with it. There are many of them out
  12. Gentlemen; If you go to our vendors section you will find Firefight Products.com. The company is owned by Jim Bounds. He has been a huge supporter of the Monacoers Group and is one of our presenters every year at the Gathering. He does an excellent presentation to our group at the Gatherings. He sells and installs Fire Suppression Systems and has been doing so for over 15 years. My 05 Monaco Exec was one of the first coaches that had his system installed and I have his systems installed in my ForeTravel. I have Installed his Foam Suppression System in my Engine compartment, Gene
  13. Well, I have done all of the above that is discussed in this thread and I hit on something simple that works great for trouble shooting 12vdc electrical issues in the coach. I purchased a 12vdc - 12amp battery. the size is 6"x 4" X 4". I made up a wiring harness that is12 gauge wire, 3 feet long with Spade Connectors to attach to the battery and Alligator clips on the other end to trouble shoot with. I can take it right to the source of the problem to trouble shoot a component. To keep the battery fully charged when I am not using the coach and parked in the Barn I keep it hooked up
  14. In almost twenty years that we have been RV'ing this is my first windshield that I had to replace. Because the windshield does not use a rubber seal to hold it in place it takes someone with the expertise and knowledge to replace it. It is a Flush Fit Windshield and is glued in like an automobile windshield. The Newell coach also uses this type of Windshield. The only reason it took so long to get it replaced was due to the fact that Duncan had no records of any Foretrave'ls in their parts list and could not find a replacement windshield with any of their vendors. When I finally convinced
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