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  • Unexpected Blessings...

    Scotty Hutto

    Dateline: September 23, 2020...

    As fall is upon us, it occurs to me today that we as motor coach owners have been blessed in many ways.  I sit in my ‘06 Dip, my toy and my hobby, looking out across Lake Chatuge into the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, thankful for blessings.

    When the Corona virus first hit, it was scary; devastating to someone who basically travels for a living.  I could no longer go see customers, in a business that is very “high touch”.  I had to learn to conduct meetings over Teams, Skype, WebEx, and Zoom, because my customers weren’t allowed to have face-to-face contact due to COVID-19.  It was depressing for me, an extrovert, to not see people!

    As time progressed, Debbie and I realized that anything I could do from my basement office, I could also do from the RV, so we tried an experiment...  We booked a few weeks at our favorite campground in Hiawassee, GA and tried living in the RV.  It worked great, and opened up a new world for me.  What was once our “vacation home on wheels” now became a means for us to be wherever we wanted and for me to continue to work full time.

    So while we practice social distancing and wear face masks when we go to the grocery, we are able to move about freely and enjoy our motorhome more than we ever though we would be able to before retirement.

    So today, I sit at our picnic table with an amazing view, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, working (well, I was before I started writing this...) and being very thankful for the very unexpected blessings that have come from the current pandemic.




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