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Onan 7500 HDKAJ Rotor Failure

Tony G

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While doing routine maintenance on our genset I noticed small magnetic fragments stuck the stator and found a larger piece of the same material in the bottom of the housing.  At first I didn't know if this was some road debris or part of the alternator.  After reading I learned this model and vintage had issues with the permanent magnets coming unglued form the rotor.  Apparently the cause was Onan used epoxy that was substandard for a period.

Anyway a new rotor seems to be around $450 to $600 and a complete alternator around $1100.  I don't think the stator is that damaged because the genset seems to still produce nominal power and I've likely been running it in this condition for some time. 

The repair does not look that difficult but the price of parts has me a little peeved. Has anyone found a discount or wholesale source of Onan Cummins parts? 



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