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Reply to Y"all scare me

Chuck B 2004 Windsor

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You scare me with your reply that you have tires on your coach that are over 5 years old.  

It is the past opinion of many on this group that tires over 5 years of age are a accident waiting to happen.  I remember a lady who owned a Monaco coach who thought that her tires that we "over 5 years old" were good to ride on.  She had a blow out on one of her front tires causing her to travel across the median into on coming traffic hitting a car head on wiping out a family of 5.  

Even though the tread life on the tires looked great, The deterioration on the inside of the tire is what caused the failure.  There were fine hair like cracks on the sidewalls.  Do you check the air pressure each morning before you drive down the blvd?  

If I were you, I would rethink replacing your tires especially the front tires.  Chuck B

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