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Ride height control follow up

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Hi all...  thank you all for prior suggestions... I was able to access my Diplomat in storage. I started it and all airbags inflated and the coach leveled out.  I then pumped the brake and dumped the air "quickly" and it settled level as in the past 20 years 🤗 .  I will let it sit until Spring, just running the genny a couple of times. I will take it back to my home repair shop for a check as I had all under the floor checked in 2018.  If I encounter the one corner low going home I will get it checked at once. 

Thanks again to all.

Btw, everytime I see this site it reminds me, and I expect others, of Bill Duckwitz. That is a good thing. He and his close buddies helped hundreds of us newbies.

Ernie Maier

2001 Monaco Dip w/137,000 miles. Has traveled on 4 boats and 1 train. Still smiling and wanting to go back to Alaska.  All systems go. 🙂🤭


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