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TripTek problems

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Hi, the backup camera and Triptek 2500 information display on our 03 Windsor has become flakey and/or failed.  The monitor itself seems fine (can display other composite video source on the screen, but the cannot get the camera / info display to work reliably (neither on the dash monitor nor on separate monitor).   Every once in a while the monitor and the info display will work, but rarely for more than a minute.

I've looks for wiring breaks, bad connectors, tightened up ground connections, opened the triptek and looked for burns, but nothing obvious.  

Has anyone debugged the Triptek units, or had a similar problem?   Any other advice here?

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Looks like it's just a bad camera.  Once I pulled the backup camera and plugged it directly into the monitor (special Sony 6-pin connector) there is sound but no video.

I was thrown off by the fact that I could not get the triptek to work reliably, as it needs a good video signal input to add it's overlay.  I assumed it could produce a video in any case, but that guess sent me off in multiple dead ends.

So it looks like a drop-in replacement color camera with the same connector (6pin mini-din) from rvcams.com costs $325, seems pretty crazy.  Anyone found other options?

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