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5.500 Marquis Gold Generator


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I have a Monaco Monarch 33sfs.  Gas RV.

I was not able to shut off the generator from the Salesman switch on dash of RV.

I replaced Salesman switch and did not fix the problem, I am able to start and stop generator at switch on generator.

Looked at 8 pin connector at generator and all looks good. 

Noticed  another 4 pin connector under the unit and as soon as it touched 3 wires broke loose from it.

I have tried to replace this connector with another 4 pin connector as used for trailer connector.

But I am having a problem as to how it is wired .  Does any one know the wiring for this connector.

One pin has two wires to it and the other three have a single wire to them. 

There are 2 blue that go to a brown and white,  1 red to red, 1 brown to blue, and 1 green to green. 

This combination tries to start Genny but shuts off immediately.

Does anyone have the solution to my dilemma.

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