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2000 Monaco Dynasty 40’ chassis

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Read this thread on IRV2:


Call Mike Hughes at Monaco Watts and talk with him:




You have an RR8S chassis, not the RR8R that's mentioned in the thread I quoted above.

The story is pretty much the same.

Here's a better thread to read:


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When we purchased our 2012 Monico Knight the steering wheel had considerable play. Of course we were told all coaches drove toile that. We started with all new tires and Koni shocks. It was better but not great. We later installed a steer safe hydraulic stabilizer and discovered that the pitman arm in the steering column was within one turn of falling off and loosing control of the coach. Needless to say it was addressed along with the steering assist. What a difference. Lastly we replaced all 8 airbags at considerable expense but peace of mind that we now had a safe driving machine. Good luck in your process. 

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