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Fuel sender


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I am hoping someone that has changed a fuel sending unit in a Monaco can advise me if fuel tank must be removed. The company that sold me the sending unit said after removing the 4 screws on top of the tank the unit can be tilted to be removed. A local chassis dealer quoted me 3 hours labor to remove the fuel tank. Any suggestions?




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Fuel tank WILL NOT need removed. Sending unit sits on top side of tank. When you remove the 4 screws as stated the sending unit is loose, then you can raise the unit out of the tank. As soon as you pop it loose, the sending unit that goes down into the tank is the diameter of a pencil and the hole is the size of the top of the sending unit (3"-4"?) This allows you to move the unit to one side and sort of lean it over and bring it out the top at an angle. I'd say if you have at least 6-8" of clearance above the tank you can manage it out without difficulty. I did min, it's not hard. The hardest part is keeping the wiring going where they're supposed to and locating the correct screws on top of the unit. There are more than 4 screws on top of the sending unit, make sure you're taking the correct 4 out to remove the unit.

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It's a Windsor so it should be same as mine.  Dan pretty much covered everything except you will need to change it from the pass side.  The big panel where the small fuel door is will need to open ( raise ).   The way to open it is to look under the edge, the panel is held closed by 2 small metal straps.  Remove a couple screws and it should lift up.  Prop it open with a stick, broom or what ever is handy.  The sender is over towards the middle on top of the tank.

Good luck

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