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LPG Manual shut-off and Electric shut-offs

Guest KenAVTech

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Guest KenAVTech

2003 Camelot 34PST. I want to put an additional grill hose attached to the house LP tank, but I can not locate the manual shut-off.

Tank runs side to side with regulator and electric solenoids about in the center(difficult to see without getting under the coach). I have 2 solenoid switches one to the left of the tank area under the large access door to the tank and one in the storage/slide tray bay to the right of the tank bay. I have pressure and everything works.  I turn the switches off but still have gas pressure at the stove. 

Any ideas, the manual does not address manual shutoff valve or the switches!

Id like a complete breakdown of the both electric and gas line run system  if anyone knows where to get it. 


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