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2012 HR Endeavor 43DFT Bedroom Slide Issue

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While getting my coach ready for our travel season - I discovered that the bedroom slide (curbside, electric, moves the head of the bed in and out) in my 2012 HR Endeavor 43DFT is having issues.   When I press the rocker switch to extend the slide - there is no reaction (no movement, no noise, nothing).   If I press the same rocker switch to retract the slide - the already retracted slide snugs up a bit before making the "clicking" sound that it does once the slide is fully retracted.   Since the motor is obviously still working - I'm figured I'd try to replace the inexpensive rocker switch in the hope that would clear the problem.   I replaced the switch - however the issue persists.   Time to dig deeper.     

I should note that more than a year ago - it did the same thing at the last stop on a short trip (slide refused to extend).   Since it was already retracted and driveable - we decided to simply get it home and look at it then.   We drove our final leg home - only to find that the slide worked again - and has continued to work without issue for more than a year (which includes at least 35 extensions and retractions over the course of our fall and winter travels.

I'm looking for the following from the group.   First and foremost - can anybody with experience with an Endeavor of my year and model tell me where I can find the motor that drives the slide mechanism.     Second, is anybody familiar with circuitry involved .... specifically, are there any relays between the rocker switch on the interior panel and the motor itself?   Finally, I'm all ears for any suggestions that the group might have!     

Thanks in advance for the help!  

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