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Hydraulic fan at full speed

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Hi guys and happy New Year.

 I'm slowly but surely fixing things on this old coach. I've moved on to the hydraulic fan now and I'm scratching my head a little. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction with this one. Okay.....2001 sig Exec 500 ISM hydraulic fan. Runs at full speed all the time. I went to check flow at the wax valve yesterday and noticed a small electrical coil on a valve before the wax valve itself ....that I've overlooked before.  I took the coil off and boom, the fan goes to idle. I looked at my schematics and I can't find the wiring for this coil. I traced it back to a relay in the rear run box on the left. As far as I can tell it gets +power from battery and the ground is the "excite" signal from either the thermostat sensor and or, the intake sensor? I unplugged both sensors and still have full speed fan. What am I missing?

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