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Generator motor mount

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On my 97 Windsor, the Onan 7500 generator is not on a slide. One of the motor mount bolts (through the rubber vibration dampers) has loosened, but is covered by a support beam that the generator rests on. I could get a hole saw and drill an access hole in that support beam. If I did that I would not be able to remove that bolt and put threadlock on the threads, but at least I'd have access to tighten it when necessary.

Alternatively, I could remove the generator mounting bolts and attempt to slide the generator out a couple inches, which would let me remove that bolt and reinstall it with threadlocker. However, I don't have a jack to lift/roll the generator, and it's likely to be stuck to the supports with the undercoating, 20 years of underbody cruft, etc. Are there any tricks that can make it easier to get started?

Also, if I only need to move the generator a couple inches, will I have to disconnect the exhaust or is there probably enough flex? I haven't checked yet to see how much slack is in the fuel line.

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Actually never mind, I took another look and to move the generator forward I'd have to lift it up and over the aluminum bay door seal area. So I guess I'm off to find a 1" hole saw.

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