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Ladder Mount

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I would like to remove the ladder on the rear of the coach and install some brackets to secure a ladder such as the the Little Giant articulating ladders. Does anyone know of good vertical-mount brackets to hold a ladder? It would be great if they lock too.


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4 minutes ago, Paul A. said:

Google; brackets Little Giant articulating ladders

Paul A

I have googled that, as well as mounts, vertical mounts, etc. Searching for brackets little giant articulating ladders returns mostly results for trestle brackets, which allows you to  turn an articulating ladder into two scaffolding trestles. 

Little Giant offers this ladder mount which I could probably make usable with some customization (mounting plates to space them off the surface, holes for bungees/locks.

I've also found these from E-Trailer, but they are pretty expensive.

I just wanted to see if others had done something better.

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I've had a little giant ladder for decades and they are great around the house, but too large and heavy for me to want to use while traveling. If you like an articulating ladder look for something like: https://www.amazon.com/ZhanGe-Telescopic-Aluminium-Extension-Portable/product-reviews/B07NC2QGXG/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews or other similar ones.

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I like how that ladder collapses, but it's 40 lbs, and the comparable Little Giant Velocity 17 is 30 lbs. 

The collapsible one will fit in the car pretty easy though, or I might be able to fit it in one of my sliding storage bays.

I like the idea, thanks for the pointer!

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Guest Tim503

I have come to the realization the ladder should not be there. Mine was stolen but my roof was compromised by walking on it. If a person does store stuff and needs to get to it then maybe. Security purposes it makes no sense. If you could slide an expanding ladder in the pass through bay or in the back cap I think it would be better. Or borrow someones if while on vacation you have to get on the roof. It only needs yearly maintenance. Just a thought. I think the access should be through the shower and the skylight.

I've bought two ladders now and the last one from Harbor Freight works real good for me. It is the 17' type 1A for $110 coupon I see they also have a new 14' telescoping for $100. As long as you keep it under 250#.

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