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Valid Air Leveling Manifold - Front 6 pack

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Hello all - 

In the process of trying to eliminate an air squeal in the front of our 2008 Dynasty Diamond IV, one of the proposed "fixes" involved replacing the front manifold 6-pack for the Valid Air Leveling system. I was able to find a new manifold and replaced the old one which I was told could be causing the problem. It wasn't, but that's another tale; replacing the manifold did not cure the problem.

I removed and thoroughly cleaned and tested the old manifold, and replaced all of the O-rings and re-assembled with proper lubricant, etc. The old manifold functions perfectly, but now I have the old "spare" that I'm offering for sale should someone need one.

I'm happy to ship it at actual cost should anyone be interested.

I've included a photo of the 6-pack for the front as well as a photo of the control panel for the Valid air leveling. I don't have the manifold part number, but do remember that it was an exact replacement for the OEM.

Any interest, please let me know. Asking $400.00.


2023-09-10 13.33.39.jpg

2023-09-10 13.34.39.jpg

2023-09-10 14.56.16.jpg

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