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New Smart Tire Sensors Won't Work With Old System

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I am being told that Bendix has changed the codes for the tire sensors they now sell, such that the Trip Tech unit in our 2009 Monaco Signature will no longer accept their readings.  

Bendix has a new retrofit kit that comes with 10 sensors https://b2bendix.com/US/en/USD/Products/Tire-Pressure-Monitoring-Systems/SmarTire®-Trailer/TPMS-Retrofit-Kits/Retrofit-Kit/p/108.1010 so the question is how to fit it in.  If you have a Tag and tow a vehicle, you will need two more sensors. https://b2bendix.com/US/en/USD/Products/Tire-Pressure-Monitoring-Systems/SmarTire®-Tractor-Truck-Bus/TPMS-Sensor-Transmitters/Transmitter-Assembly/p/K141495

This information was provided to me by the Bendix tech people.

Les Schwab in Junction City says this is a common problem for folks that have Smart Tire monitors in Monaco products.  According to them, Silverleaf does not have a fix to modify the existing system to accept the new sensor codes.

Sure would be nice if the existing system could be modified to accept the new sensors as I quit like the system and will have trouble finding real taste on the existing dash to accept the new readout.

Anyone know anything about this.

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