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Shift select motor - 2007 Monaco LaPalma diesel pusher

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Hi everyone, hoping you can help. My rig is a 2007 Monaco LaPalma diesel pusher, Cummins ISB325, with a Allison 6spd 1000 World transmission. I start it every month during the winter while it sits in our yard here in Nova Scotia, Canada. Back in April, I started it up without issue. I went to cycle it through the gears as normal, but it would not shift into drive or reverse. The transmission displays the (P) light, but it won't allow me to select any drive gears. I checked the two connection plugs on the back of the selector pad, and both appear to be seated properly. Two weeks ago I had my RV towed to Wajax Power Systems. They are a Allison Transmission dealer. Thus far, they say that the shift select motor needs to be replaced which is manufactured by Arens Control (part # 16619474). They cannot currently source the part. Arens Controls in the US has not yet responded to them either. Searching the internet for that part # does not reveal anything of help. Any ideas on how we can find a replacement or if there is any other options available. I will try Visone RV, but the last two parts they shipped to me relating to this issue had to be shipped back as they both were incorrect (the transmission select pad and a TCM).
Alfred Kunz
2007 Monaco LaPalma diesel pusher, Cummins ISB325
Halifax, NS Canada
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