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Question about Norcold 1200


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I’m in the process of selling my’04 Imperial and have not used it for a couple of years.  The last time I used it, the fridge worked. In checking the coach, the refrigerator was dead, and the protection module red light was on.I recall installing it, and could not understand how the module was tripped as the power was off.  The module was provided by Norcold and has a thermocouple mounted on the heater module which when overheated would disconnect the power from the control.  I bypassed the module and the refrigerator worked fine. I had this module tripped before, and was reset with a strong magnet, but don’t remember exactly how I did it.  Anyone remember?

Dick Licas

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Placing a strong magnet over the round or square black element on the device (when power is not applied) you will hear a slight click. Hopefully that will reset the device. This is not guaranteed to work, but may. To test the refrigerator you can bypass this device. It works as a thermal breaker should the unit become too hot. Bypassing should allow you to test the fridge to make sure it still gets cold/freezes, works on electric & gas, etc. If the thermocouple device will not reset or stay reset this will at least allow you to test the unit itself before making any decisions about further repair or replacement.

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