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Roadmaster Chassis Drive Axle Alignment

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This is an old video of mine but I show how I corrected an incorrect thrust angle with the drive axle on our 2003 Monaco Dynasty on the Roadmaster S-Series Chassis.  The coach had a pretty severe pull to the right and after having it checked several times by a "professional" shop and was told it was within specification, I chose to address the issue myself.  I used a lazer to determine that the drive axle was out of position in reference with the steer tires by about 5/32".  Even with that small amount and it technically being "within spec", it was enough to cause handling issues and I chose to correct it by removing the driver's side drive axle and tag axle control arms (trailing arms) and lengthening them.  I went just a 1/32" more bringing the amount I lengthened the arms to .125" in order to compensate for road crown as we generally travel via 2-lane country roads and less on interstates when possible.  This helped tremendously to hold the coach to the center line when traveling our country's backroads.

Also, at about the 4-minute mark in the video I show the supports that I have added to the drive axle's vertical suspension mounts which have a known issue on early Roadmaster S-Series chassis.  I noticed in 2008 on the 2009 model year coaches on the Roadmaster S-Series chassis that they came with a large vertical gusset from the manufacturer, so I duplicated it and added it to our 2003 Monaco Dynasty making it comparable to the 2009 model year S-Series chassis as a preventive measure.




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