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The First 24 Hours

Capt. Tango

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 2 FOIIOE VESTWOODS 12V 300Ah with 200A BMS Plus and Ultra (Don't know the difference) 1,600 Watt solar array using a magnum 3,00 watts Charger/Inverter set to factory Lifpo default setting.

I charged the batteries to 100% each before combining them, then used the inverter/charge and topped them off. Powered up the starship yesterday afternoon and everything appears to be working. I shut down the 50-amp connection and went to battery power for the night. I ran the heater all last night, boiled coffee this morning and now have lights and computers running. Batteries were at 32% SOC and 62% respectively. Is it normal for one battery to have a lower SOC or do I need to cycle the system for several days to equalize them.

Battery Current readings: Total of 600 Amp Hours
Battery 1 13.3 Volts 11.30 Amps 33% SOC
Battery 2 13.4 Volts 12.30 Amps 63% SOC
Voltage stays the same Amp vary from 11 to 13 SOC is increasing on both.

Charger Readings: Total of 1600 Watts (Overcast day)
655 Watts
36.63 Volts
18.1Amps (increase as noon approaches)

13.95 Volts (Increasing)
44.7 Amps
Bulk Charging

Both batteries are charging at about the same SOC rate increase but have drastically different SOCs.

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I assume the batteries are in series. The cables to the inverter and chargers should come from the positive of one battery and the negative of the other battery. This allows the load to be passed to both batteries. Just a guess on how they are not equal.

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15 minutes ago, Capt. Tango said:

Mark, the batteries are wired in parallel producing 12 Volt (Approx.) as show in this diagram. image.png.d0aca2420d0f8ea6f4d2d875ec7dba34.png

That's how they should be. Not sure what else would cause your issue.

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