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AMC XSA 5.1 Pro Sound Amplifier

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Hello all!

Does anyone know of a good replacement for the AMC XSA 5.1 Pro Sound Amplifier?  Some of the wire connectors seem to not connect well on my Amplifier, causing a short in my right side.  Also one of the clips broke off while I was trying to repair it.

I know that Amplifier is not being made anymore, but I'm thinking something should be compatible?  Anyone replace theirs?


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One of the first mods we did when we picked up our new to us Monaco a few years ago was gut out all the inferior, outdated AV equipment, Monaco had  installed Sony receiver during manufacture at the Oregon facility.  I just went to the base exchange here at Kirtland AFB and picked up a Sony theatre surround sound receiver and 5 Sony speakers, a nice improvement over the factory installed AV equipment.  I was not looking for any specific model or brand as Pioneer, Kenwood, or any reputable brand would work just as well.  The Sony 5.1 receiver just happen to be on sale, also installed a 55" Samsung HDTV on an articulating arm at same time.  Satellite receiver, bluray dvd player, Xbox, TV antenna, and our cell phones (via Bluetooth) easily connected to our Sony receiver, all the various signals from these devices can be readily viewed on our Samsung HDTV. 

The signal splitter installed by Monaco is no longer needed although it still remains in the coach, all other factory AV equipment has been removed and relegated to life on a shelf in our garage.  Although we don't watch a lot of TV while RVing, we are avid sports fans and music enthusiasts, and having all the available options we have at home is why we went from a towable RV to a class A motorcoach, we wanted nothing short of a rolling condo at this stage of RVing.  Most any A/V equipment can be utilized and does not have to be manufactured solely for RV usage, we replaced bedroom A/V equipment as well that way it f my DW and I want to watch different video content we have all options mentioned above available to each HDTV.  After 3 decades of RVing with our kids, we are going places purely for our mature tastes, and having the time of our lives doing so.

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Great, Sandia Man!  Sounds like something I may want to do soon.  I did get my old system back up and running for now.  But, the original system can be improved quite a bit.  One day I will tackle that project.  Thanks for the post which has given me some ideas! 

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