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Free Sleeper Sofa Cushions*

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When we purchased our coach, the owner had 2 extra Sleeper Sofa Cushions (sent by mistake from Rec-Pro apparently in addition to the 2 he did purchase. Rec-Pro didn't want them back, apparently).  They are taking up space in my ‘2-car attached storage shed’ (i.e. garage).  I’m literally giving them away.  If I can’t and I hate to, but I’ll literally throw them away after the rally.

Pictures are attached but each cushion is 28” wide x 27” deep.  The overall sleeper sofa is ~64” long and while I’m not good with colors, it they look to be maybe putty/tan/chestnut(?).

*IF you are going to be at the Ramblin’ Pushers Maintenance Session rally next week, they will be there and they’re yours.  Just let me know. 

I suppose if you want to pay for shipping you can, but the boxes as you can see are pretty large; not a lot of weight, but ‘girthy’.  I’d guesstimate maybe $75 to ship them UPS.

Also, full disclosure, in addition to posting here I am posting on irv2.com and the Ramblin’ Pushers board so you may see this there also.

We’re boondocking at an Indycar race in Alabama this weekend, so I may be slow in responding given my steam-powered Internet connection.





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Sorry just getting back home and real internet . lol. I’m leaving tomorrow for the Ramblin Pushers rally and if no one takes them, I’ll reach back out and we can make arrangements for you to arrange pickup via whatever service you want to use. I can let you know either way. Thanks for reaching out. 

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