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2005 Knight brake lights not working

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My brake lights do not work when activated by the brake pedal.  Additionally, they will not cancel the cruise control.  They do work when the PAC brake is activated and decelerating.  I have checked all the fuses and switched relays in the Monaco 2 box.  I am assuming the problem is at the brake light switch.  I have scoured the internet looking for the location of the switch(s) with no luck.  I cannot find the two switches commonly referred to in the posts.  Below is a picture of the only thing on the firewall I think could be a brake light switch.  It appears to have an air connector and two electric conductors.  The second pic shows part of the brake pedal system under the dash.  Note:  My coach has the RR8R suspension that may be unusual for a 2005 model.  ANY SUGGESTIONS ON MY DIAGNOSIS AND THE LOCATION OF THE SWITCH(S) IF I AM CORRECT?


brake 1.jpg

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