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Winegard Electric Antenna

Skip Smith

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I have an electric winegard tv antenna, model # MA1055W.  Unit will not drop down or turn, from the inside display panel.  Raised up good, and turned, but would not retract the next day.  Years ago, I replaced the bat wing, with a Jack antenna.  Drove home, 200+ miles, with the antenna up, didn't hit anything.  Got up on the roof, moved  antenna to home position, and pushed down.  Will not raise.  When pushing the raise/stow button, the motion light, lights up, does not move, and then all 3 lights flash and go out.  Winegard says the antenna is discontinued, and no parts available.  Does anybody have a wiring diagram, and most likely a motor for this unit.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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