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Norcold 1200 LRIM On/Off button

Mike Wahl

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We have recently purchased a 2001 Monaco Signature.  It has a Norcold 1200 fridge with the recalls done.  I'm working on putting it away for the winter, however I can not get the fridge to shut off.  I push and hold the off button for 3 seconds as stated in the manual but it will not turn off and the on display light in the corner of the dispaly screen stays on. 

There are no fault codes and I can switch between modes of operation.

Has anyone else had this issue?   I thinking it might be a bad optical control assembly.



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4 hours ago, Keith Moffett said:

Not a fan of any gas absorption fridge.  When they get older they become more hazardous.  New residential fridges use way less power than just a few years ago.  We just run our generator twice daily while dry camping.

Keith,  What kind of residential fridge do you have?  We will be doing a lot of boondocking, and are concerned about that.  Where we stay normally we cant run the generator overnight.  Do you have solar?

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2 hours ago, Mike Wahl said:

I used the battery disconnect and shut down the power.  On startup the fridge turns right back on.

Mike, we had a 1200 LRM Norcold and every time they did a recall things just got worse.  These fridges are supposed to last about 10 years and if they go longer its icing on the cake.  After seeing all the fires caused by RV fridges, especially Norcold its too much risk!

We have an 07 Beaver with a Jenn Air residential fridge.  It draws 13 amps.  New fridges draw way less.  Costco offers a Whirlpool and a Samsung that appear about comparable in size to the 1200LE but about half the price. Yes we have solar but not much.  We do have a couple extra house batteries.  

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