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2006 Monaco Camelot 42DSQ Slide Issue


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I have an issue with my slide control board or relays in the circuit for the front  2 slides. After getting ready for trip RV washed at a wash service and did some preparatory maintenance prior to planning on leaving  evening early. Completed all I needed to get done, took shower in house came down to RV and shocked that my front curb side slide was fully extended. Neither myself or my wife extended it and had serious puzzled thought process questioning if I was suffering from Old Timers. Coach had been sitting for about 4-5 hours prior to slide moving out after washing! When I went to move it back in travel position it would not move but heard a clicking sound consistently. Found that the drive motor for slide was still trying to move slide out! Unplugged motor and then proceeded to check manual, read items on this forum and find out what to do! Evidently the relay that energizes out action stuck and the clutch was tripping as it continued to try and turn motor shaft. Disconnected the plug and eventually jumpered opposite direction to return to home position. Completed trip and had to jumper in and out while traveling. Then the front driver side slide would not move and found no power. Eventually jumpered power from passenger side slide plug to position slide in and out to complete trip. Nothing on wiring schematics show the individual circuit, The slide controller in rear engine bar pulled and rang out ok per licensed guy who repairs boards.  The controller board is no longer  made by IDS  and only info REV Group is offering is to add another controller for each individual slide to operate them. We have gone thru wiring andf cannot find any relays in wiring with most of the wiring for front slides looking like they travel thru ceiling into rear of MH.  The only information I presently have gotten is that i will need to rewire the four slides individually to separate boards for each slide.  I have no idea what the bottom set of numbers identify but the only board I that came close was a IDS 10667E and it does not work. That is crazy but may be the only choice at this time? Nothing in all the drawings I can find along with repair shop (GUYS are excellent and worked at Monaco in the day) still at wits end!   Any help would be appreciated.

The Present  board identification numbers are: IDS 10667D          1790500905

The new controller REV Group and Lippert are telling me to order and wire for each slide individually is: IDS Slide Out Control Box with Harness          SKU-138450

There must be some relays in the circuit we believe that are stuck or worn out creating this situation. 
Any help?? Would be appreciated.



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