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New To RVing

Ron Jones

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We used to cruise pretty often. On our last one, we met a couple who were fascinated with our fulltiming lifestyle. They said they had talked about doing it but never owned an RV and were totally curious. 

We spent the evening together and they had a thousand questions. Ultimately, they returned home and bought a 24 Class C and started RVing. They sent the following story to me about their first “shakedown” trip. Enjoy…


We did have a funny thing, well funny now, happen to us on our way home from Spokane. Thought it might be funny enough for you to put on your website. We were heading home from Spokane, lost in our thoughts, chatting about how well our trip had gone for our first outing. We were completely lost in our thoughts as a bridge came into view. The instant we began to cross the bridge we heard the loudest horn either of us had ever heard in our lives!!! I just knew I had made a serious driving error and soon some 18-wheeler would send us to eternity. As we waited to die, my wife looked down and realized this bridge was over railroad tracks and the noise we heard was the train engineer honking his horn while we were DIRECTLY over him! Scared doesn’t describe it but we know now that our hearts are in good shape. It took a long time to calm down again and we laughed about it all the way home.

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