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My 99 EXE has been loosing some air over night sometimes, so you can see my challenge in locating the leak. The other day I had to move the RV a short distance and while doing so could hear air leaking at the step cover. my thought "this is new".

What I found out is the cylinder under the step cover leaks but only when open (leaks out the shaft) this also explains why it would only loos air when in storage, when not in storage we have it closed or when camping the air is dumped. 

The cylinder is made by PHD but was a special order for Monaco due to the length.  Lucky the length is the only thing special about it. you can buy a rebuild kit if you have a press for about 10$ plus shipping and you all set. you can also buy the cap for 24$ + shipping and replace it. Just don't give them the part # have them just give you the cap for a 3/4" bore cylinder.

In my case there a guy on eBay selling a new 4" cylinder for 15$ about 20 miles form me so I am off to the surplus man.

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