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Medallion Gauges 08 Endeavor

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Anyone have any experience with these I need some help. Our front air pressure gauge started reading low. We changed the sensor and that did not solve the problem. Checked and the front tank had good pressure but the gage was 35 psi low. The gage controls the small info screen and when it drops below 65 psi the only message you can see is Front air low. We see this now when airing up the coach goes away at 65 psi

So, we installed a manual gage in the dash which works great.

But at some point, the gauge will quit working and that will lock up the info screen. So, looking for a work around to avoid that.












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I have a 2008 monaco signature 600hp and it seems to need a new medallion. Does anyone know the part # and where best to purchase?

My name is Monte Fautin

My cell # :801580




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