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97 Monaco Dynasty Complete Cooling Stack R&R

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Charge Air Cooler (CAC) & Radiator Removal & Replace (R&R) Instructions for 1997 Monaco Dynasty RV

1)     Exterior Cleaning of CAC & Radiator

1.       Materials Needed:

(1)    One (1) Gallon Simple Green Pro (Purple)

(2)    Sixteen (16) ounces Dawn Ultra Platinum Dish Liquid

2.       Tools Required:

(1)    Foaming Gun Sprayer.

(2)    Clean 5-gallon bucket.

(3)    Safety goggles

(4)    Garden hose attached to nearby water source.

3.       Procedure:

(1)    Mix together Simple Green Pro and Dawn Ultra in clean 5-gallon bucket.

(2)    Fill foaming spray gun with premixed Simple Green Pro and Dawn Ultra solution.

(3)    Attach garden hose with water source to foaming spray gun.

(4)    Spray all CAC/AC Condenser/Oil Cooler/Radiator (Cooling Stack) surfaces, until thick with foam. WARNING: Failure to properly coat the engine side of the radiator (Including the difficult to reach perimeter and corners.) may result in sludge and debris being sprayed from fresh air side of the cooling stack to acuminate and clog the backside of the radiator if the cooling stack is very dirty and/or covered in oil.

(5)    When under the RV to spray engine side of the radiator, make sure you wear safety googles or even a scuba mask to prevent the degreaser solution from getting into your eyes.

(6)    Allow to penetrate for 15 minutes.

(7)    Flush thoroughly until water is clear.

(8)    Repeat as many times necessary until cooling stack is clean, and water flows clear easily from one side of the cooling stack to the other. (Test spraying from both the fresh air side and engine side.Can also use flashlight at night.)

2)     Flush Out Complete Cooling System

1.       Materials Needed:

(1)    Four (4) gallons of PEAK Final Charge 100% Coolant.

(2)    Six (6) gallons Peak Final Charge 50/50 Coolant

(3)    Twenty (20) gallons of Distilled Water.

(4)    Sixty-six ounces of Cooling System Cleaner.

(5)    Two (2) Cummins thermostats Part Number (PN) XXXXX.

(6)    Cummins thermostat gasket PN XXXXX.

2.       Tools Required:

(1)    10 MM socket and socket driver for Lower Radiator hose removal.

(2)    Seven (7) 5-Gal. buckets with lids.

(3)     One gallon used milk jugs for coolant recovery/recycling.

(4)    Very large Drain Pan.

(5)    Garden hose attached to nearby water source.

3.       Procedure:

(1)    Turn dash heater to full hot for the rest of the procedures—fan off. With the engine cold or at least cool, drain coolant.

(2)    Open Radiator Drain located at bottom left corner of the radiator.

(3)    Fill Drain Pan, and close Radiator Drain.

(4)    Empty Drain Pan into used 1-gallon containers for recycling.

(5)    Repeat steps (3.2) - (3.4) until coolant system is empty.

(6)    Refill cooling system with tap water. IMPORTANT: Be sure to remove any air lock from the thermostat housing. Loosen the coolant line to the air pump and bleed the air out.

(7)    Start engine and allow to warm up (Use the cruise control to select idle speed of 1,000-1,100 rpms).

(8)    Run for about 10 minutes up to regular temp (180 Degrees). WARNING: If the temp gauge does not rise as normal, you have an air block and need to bleed the thermostat housing again before proceeding.

(9)    Allow engine to cool 20-30 minutes and drain again.

(10)Repeat until the water color is clear.

(11)Add a Cooling System Cleaner, following the manufacturer’s directions.

(12)Run engine, back up to the normal 180 degrees.

(13)Allow engine to cool, drain and repeat flush as many times as necessary until water is clear. Run the engine to 180 degrees at least once with tap water.

(14)If your hoses are over 3-4 years old, this is the time to change all hoses in the cooling system and thermostats with new gasket.

(15)Last Rinse is with distilled water. WARNING:  Do not skip this step and leave the now clean cooling system full of potentially high-mineral content tap water. (There will be several gallons of residual water that you cannot easily remove).

(16)Run engine for 10 minutes after getting to 180-degree operating temperature.

(17)Cool and drain.

3)     Removal of Cooling Stack and Hydraulic Fan Assemby

1.       Materials Needed:

(1)    Spray can of engine cleaner/degreaser.

(2)    Spray can of penetrating oil.

(3)    Several unfolded large cardboard boxes.

2.       Tools Required:

(1)    Cordless Drill/Impact Wrench.

(2)    #2 Phillips bit with 6” bit holder extension.

(3)    Bore/end scope with flexible Semi-Rigid Cable.

(4)    3/8” Socket.

(5)    ½” Socket.

(6)    7/16” Socket.

(7)    9/16” Socket.

(8)    1 1/8” Socket.

(9)    Two (2) 1-foot socket wrench extensions. (Min. of 2-feet required.)

(10)Ratchetting socket wrench.

(11)3/8” Small ratcheting closed end wrench.

(12)11/16” Open-end wrench.

(13)5/8” Open-end wrench.

(14)9/16” Open-end wrench.

(15)1 ¼” Open-end wrench.

(16)3/16” Alen Wrench. (Or 3/16 Alen Wrench bit socket, with short ratchetting socket wrench.)

(17)Large Floor Jack.

(18)Minimum 1-foot metal Breaker Bar


3.       Procedure:

(1)    Remove four (4) #2 Philips screws using 6” bit extension and cordless drill from cooling stack ventilated cover on left rear of body.

(2)    Replace four (4) #2 Phillips screws back into fiberglass of body, after cover removal.

(3)    Spray penetrating oil on all visible fasteners. Use of the spray engine degreaser may be necessary, if the fasteners to be removed are not visible and covered in grease. There are:

(a)    Eight (8) 7/16 Bolts holding the AC condenser to cooling stack.

(b)    Ten (10) 3/8” self-taping screws attaching rubber shroud to cooling stack.

(c)     Two (2) 1 1/8” nuts holding cooling stack to metal frame.

(d)    Two (2) 7/16” fasteners on bottom rubber shroud bracket. One (1) bolt & One (1) self-tapping screw.

(e)    Two (2) 7/16” fasteners on bottom cooling stack mounting bracket.

(f)      Eight (8) bolts attaching fan assembly to radiator.

(g)    Two (2) sets of U-Bolts holding lower metal water line, going from water pump to lower radiator hose, and hanging bracket on front CAC 4” air line (toward rear.).

(4)    Leave penetrating oil on all fasteners overnight. (Re-apply several times if needed.)

(5)    Remove Eight (8) 7/16” Bolts holding the AC condenser to cooling stack.

(6)    Lean folded carboard box against coach body in front of cooling stack ventilated cover opening on left rear of body.

(7)    Pull AC condenser straight out. WARNING: Be care full not to damage or bend fins on AC Condenser.

(8)    Rest right side of AC condenser on ground, and lean left side against unfolded card board box, so not to scratch coach paint with left side of AC Condenser mounting bracket.

(9)    WARNING: AC system must be evacuated before proceeding. Use 11/16” and 5/8” Open-end wrenches to loosen and remove top AC hydraulic hose.

(10) Use 5/8” and 9/16” Open-end wrenches to loosen and remove bottom AC hydraulic hose.

(11)Place AC condenser in safe place, taking care not to damage cooling fins. If required wash back side of the condenser using method, materials and tools described in section 1).

(12)Remove five (5) 3/8” self-taping screws holding the rubber cooling stack shroud in place from bottom of cooling stack assembly, using 3/8” socket and cordless drill. NOTE: Middle self-taping screw has two (2) washers on it.

(13)Remove two (2) 3/8” fasteners from lower rubber shroud bracket. (One (1) self-taping and one (1) bolt.), using 3/8” socket and cordless drill. NOTE: Direction and placement of bracket. Curved end mounts to fiberglass coach body, and curves up.

(14)Remove two (2) 9/16” fasteners from lower main metal shroud bracket.

(15)Unfold rubber shroud on top of cooling stack, to gain access to the five (5) rubber shroud self-taping mounting screws.

(16)Remove the five (5) 3/8” self-taping screws holding the rubber cooling stack shroud in place on top of cooling stack assembly, using 3/8” Small ratcheting closed end wrench. NOTE: The rubber shroud seam is on top and in middle of the cooling stack. The overlapping portion is on top facing the rear of the coach.

(17)Remove two (2) Hydraulic cooling lines from hydraulic cooler using 1 1/4” open end wrench. Use 5-Gal bucket to catch draining fluid.

(18)Remove two (2) Transmission cooling lines from Radiator using XX” open end wrench. Use 5-Gal bucket to catch draining fluid.

(19)Remove two (2) 4” Air lines form CAC using ½” socket and extension.

(20)Remove one (1) large Hydraulic cooling line from hydraulic fan using XX” open end wrench. Use 5-Gal bucket to catch draining fluid.

(21)Remove the U-Bolt holding lower metal water line from frame bracket at rear of metal shroud using 9/16” deep socket.

(22)Place large floor jack under cooling stack, and jack up until contact with bottom of cooling stack.

(23)Remove two (2) large cooling stack mounting bolts, using 1 1/8” Socket, with several extensions with Breaker Bar if necessary.

(24)Lower cooling stack slowly using floor jack. WARNING: Be careful not to catch metal shroud on U-Bolt bracket at rear of cooling stack.

(25)Angle and roll entire cooling stack assembly on floor jack out from the coach body.

System Cleaning Videos:




System Flushing Videos:



CAC Body Mod:










CAC Removal Prep Videos:
















CAC Removal Videos:





Entire Cooling Stack Removal Videos:


















Hose Replacement Videos:









Hose Re-Assemby Videos:

























Cooling Fan Re-Assemby Videos:


















Cooling Stack Re-Assemby Videos:













Final Assembly:













Cummins Lower Inlet Water Hose Problems:


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97 Monaco Dynasty Cooling Stack R&R.pdf

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