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Ceiling Lift TV

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I have an 09 Dynasty Yorkie with a ceiling lift TV. I went to check on it in storage and found the TV had dropped down. The motor runs but its not moving the TV back into the ceiling. It did go down to the watch position and lock. Has anyone had any experiences with this unit. Thanks Fred

09 Dynasty Yorkie


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I have an 07 Queen IV with the overhead TV.  On mine there is a locking collar near the output shaft of the motor. That collar slides back and forth parallel to the shaft engaging and disengaging the motor to the lift mechanism.  In the disengaged position you can manually lower the TV by turning the shaft. Perhaps the collar has moved to the disengaged position allowing gravity and time to slowly lower your TV.  If your mechanism is similar maybe try sliding the collar back and forth and try the lift motor again.  If I recall sliding then collar towards the motor is the engaged position.


07 Dynasty

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