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First a BIG THANKS to Paul Maddox aka azpete.

A lady friend had a hyd cylinder fail on the big slide 2004 RR10S chassis.  Failed and jammed at an angle with access only to the outside end of the failed cylinder.  Lucky in that it was possibe to R and R the cyinder...then what?  Without being synched in or out would only jam further...argh!   Bad wx coming and I was able to push the slide in with the blankets over the spare tire of the Hummer and gentle end...end switching  pushing. Trick learned on another friend's failed electrc motor slide Tiffen.

Now how to synch with slide in??  NOT published any where.  A text and call from the guru Paul solved the problem.

Procedure follows:

Loosen inboard mounting nuts to only a few threads. The cylinder needs room to fully extend.

Just crack the IN pressure lines on both cylinders, then bleed air with the pump until no air (2 persons)....Not as much spurt as you might expect,  but will need a bucket and rags. Tighten, hold pump IN for ten seconds. Repeat on the other cylinder.  Repeat on other cylinder.

Bleed the out lines with fittngs a little looser so slide doesn't try to extend same procedure except the ten second will be after carefully extending the slide. Operate slide fully in/out for four full cycles with the required four second pump ON at end of each movement.

Slide will be properly synched and ready for your next Monaco adventure.

Keep fluid tank full before starting the job and fill to correct level when done.

Plenty of info on how to get slides in manually ZERO on what to if stuck in.  

Don't hang out with friends with busted coaches.  Or maybe plead ignorance. 😄



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