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replacement Steer Tires

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It has been 6 years 4 months since I last purchased Michelins for my 2011 Camelot DFT 43. Time to replace them.  I have not closely followed the conversations regarding tires.  I replace my other six tires in 2016 with Bridgetones and had no problems.  

Has there been any new revelations regarding Tires and problems with Bridgestone and or Michelins?






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I decided not to stick with Michelin after the sidewall cracking on ours got so bad that clover mites were crawling into them. The tires were 6yrs old, and we drive regularly (about 10k miles/yr). Toyo M144 has been working well for us for the last two years, and were about half the cost ($500 ea).

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I am due as well, currently have michelins from Ted Wiens installed 2013. I haven't really checked them with respect to cracking, always covered here.

A friend of mine had his Michelins replaced because of cracking ( 3 years old). 

I looked into FMCA and received quotes from Mitchelin, Continental and Hankook. You can guess who were the costliest and the cheepist

I  most interested in what happens


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I know this is not the place to ask the question and I do apologize for doing it but, does anyone know why tire manufacturers don't make run-flats for RVs and semi's? I don't get it, the tires are expensive anyway but a blowout in an RV (especially) and a semi can obviously be very tragic. I worry about a blowout all the time.

This can be deleted if need be, I understand this was not necessarily the place and I don't want to miss-direct the original question.

Regards, Gregg

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