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Ride Height Issue

Bill C

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Thank you in advance for all of you that take the time to share your knowledge. I know your time is important, and I appreciate your sharing it.

My rear (possibly the front also, not sure) automatic ride height quit working and I found a "T" fitting near the ride height valve that was leaking and I hoped that this would fix it. After replacing the “T” I tried to adjust the ride height valve, but it was not responding to any of the changes I made to the valve.

I felt like I was out of my limited ability to troubleshoot it so I took it to the local Cummins and RV repair center (Empire Truck Sales) for repair. After 2 hours of labor they told me the ride height is adjusted all the way up. No kidding, I did that when I tried adjust it. Did they try to adjust it and find that the ride height system did not work? NO!

After charging me 5 hours/$1000 (yes 5 hours) for troubleshooting they said they thought it was the front air valve (I took it in for the auto rear ride height not working). I told them to fix it, as long as they guaranteed me this would fix the problem. I was skeptical because they were focusing on the front, when I thought that the issue was in the rear. After all, for 5 hours of troubleshooting their “expect” could have checked every valve, wire, screw, etc., right? Well, it did not fix the ride height issue and now they say it is a AP15554 DUMP CTR MODULE, at the tune of $3850 to replace and adjust. I don’t think these guys know what they are doing, even though they tell me the tech working on it is the one HWH calls for assistance. If that is the case, HWH is in trouble.

Yesterday I spent some more time troubleshooting it myself and found the following:

1.     The coach (2001 Monaco Dynasty with 8 air bags and a tag) auto levels perfectly. All leveling valves fill, and dump, when I manually push each button on my 600 series HWH control panel.

2.     I can manually adjust the ride height and drive it without issue

3.     All fuses (one in the vehicle fuse box labeled Bag dump) and all the ones in the HWH control box underneath the coach are good

4.     With the key on (or off), air pressure up to normal psi, HWH off, travel light on:

a.     I have not voltage at the control box at the “Front travel (grey) 1700” wire (measured inside the control box at the connector)

b.     I have not voltage at the control box at the “Rear travel SOL (grey) 3700” wire (measured inside the control box at the connector)

Can I apply 12v to the Front and rear travel wire in the control box (4a and 4b above) to see if the ride height airs up? I would have the brake on, engine running, and air system at normal pressure.

I don’t know where to go from here, there are so many wires, solenoids, and valves, that it is a little overwhelming. I have read this in one of the posts, which helps me better understand the system: “The HWH leveling system is totally independent of the ride height control valves to put the coach in ride height for traveling. The ride height control valves play no part in the auto leveling of the coach. “

I have also read the “Air suspension and HWH System troubleshooting guide”


Thanks in advance,


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Guest Ray Davis

Bill,  I'm no expert on HWH systems but you can talk to one.  He is on IRV2      https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/2004-hwh-six-pack-air-leak-fix-527839.html      this thread is about HWH.  Go down to post # 10 there you will find info about azpete.  azpete is a HWH employee and is eager to help you.    You can communicate with him by phone or email

The link below is to HWH online technical school,  more info than you'll ever need.

ml57000-018.pdf (hwhcorp.com)

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