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Heart Freedom 2000 Replacement


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Has anyone replaced their Heart Freedom 2000, inverter/charger with a Magnum 2000 ?

If so which Magnum did you use and any issues with the Monaco relays used in 1997 to transfer power from shore to inverter ?



1997 Dynasty

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Hey Charles,  I used an Aim pure sine wave 2000 watt inverter when I replaced my Heart Freedom 2000.  All the transfer switches, etc worked just like before the switch.  Battery performance seems to be much better.  Just got back from a 4 day boon dock and only ran the gen to charge about 6 hours per day. 



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97 Dynasty has one Transfer Box in lower bay for Shore and Generator transfer and uses "relays" as transfer devices located next to 120VAC breaker panel. The Relay Box serves the purpose of a "standard" transfer box for Inverter Power,  just different I guess.

Main breaker panel and RLY box.jpg

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Charles, frankly the electrical on these things has baffled me and I've never really understood much of it.  That picture looks just like mine, so I don't really know if its a transfer switch, box or a relay.  HaHa.  Also, I think the inverter I put in says its got a transfer switch too.  All I know is when I plug things in... they work.

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