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ISO ‘84 Central Vac Attachments

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Hello, first post! We have a 1984 Monaco Duke and it’s mint in many ways but always been missing all attachments for the on board central vac unit. It’s a Tevis Campbell 1-ARV . Looks to be a 2” adapter opening and the generic replacement places have said 1.5 is standard now. So I’m thinking a motorhome junkyard/u-pick , vintage parts warehouse….any direction you may have is appreciated!




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Thanks for the pictures.

If you were to buy 1.5" OD vacuum hose and parts, would you want to use a 2" OD to 1.5" ID adapter and leave the adapter on the vacuum hose? If so, ...

I found this at Home Depot:

2 in. O.D. x 1-1/2 in. I.D. x 24 in. Clear PVC Braided Vinyl Tube, Includes 2 ft. ($3.50 /ft.)  $6.99

My guess is you would only need 1" length, but you could use 2" if you wanted to go wild. Save the rest to build something, play with, or give away.

Here's the URL: Home Depot Hose

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 3.24.23 PM.png

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Thank you both!  And for the research into products, extra thanks!!

In doing more research just now,  I’ve found the original someone had from parting-out their Monaco. It has sold. 
At this point I’ll take anything but I love the original items.

Except tires! 8 new tires arrive and get installed at the dealer tomorrow, on the original Alcoa rims. 
We’ll be putting this up for sale soon. VERY difficult decision. For a couple years we’ve tried but kept it for nostalgic reasons. Time to find something smaller, and a trailer that can be parked while we drive into a town or through rough areas that we’d rather not take a motorhome to. 

Thanks again!!!

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