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  1. I bought and installed the JC Refrigeration on my Norcold 1200 and my friends Norcold 1200. The second install was easier. Both are working very well. I have to limit my temperature setting to 3 so my fridge does not freeze my eggs. JC Refrigeration provided great support and videos. Word to the wise: If you are trying to cut up your old refrigerator back (plumbing apparatus)- ensure all the yellow ammonia is leaked out. I thought mine was and it was quite a stinky shock when I cut into the coolant tube and yellow gas sprayed out!
  2. John - Very nice work and documenting via pics! Thank you for taking the time to capture, organize, and share with the rest of us. Wow. I'm putting a battery / solar system together and would love to know specifics on components, wiring, and lessons learned. Great work - bet it was fun having so many help you. Jeff
  3. Hi Paul- You asked: Here's what I searched for and found, so maybe I'm missing something. Search Google: white faucet for hot and cold instant hot Here's a cool faucet I found: And here's the link: https://www.faucet-warehouse.com/ise-contemporary-1100-series-hot-and-cold-faucet-only-water-dispenser-f-hc1100w.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAu8SABhAxEiwAsodSZFQqwIhIG-BGtsDlZBLxatxKk2-5h0kMJZzBeWXxX7RetKdeIBy5_xoC0GYQAvD_BwE Seems like it's nice enough for your Sig! Cheers, Jeff
  4. Your work is inspiring. I love the pictures as it gives me ideas on less major mods to ours. Thank you!
  5. Got this text update from JJ at 7:30PM ET 1/6/21: BTW - Darren - I watched that video before I fixed my door last month. Love that guy and his videos!
  6. I just called JJ and gave her some help. She may post some more questions and/Or call me. She’s a sweet gal and has figured out how to get out. Now to adjust the front door! JJ - when you see this message, please update us on your progress and fix
  7. Flux capacitor retainer - the image is reversed however.
  8. I'm thinking any small engine or car shop would be able to help diagnose as well. The images I found for the 6.5 look pretty cool. I'm sure you tried Mr. Google already, yeah? I just googled "onan 6.5 spark" and found a bit of information. If you are not able to solve, you may want to post your model and serial number, and pictures are always help.
  9. Hi Steven - just watched this video to make sure. When you have the sensor out, set your VM to ohms - about 2000ish range. Attach leads to each pin. Should read some value (1500 ohms or so?). When you hold the sensor, your body heat will change the resistance and should see it lower. Here’s the link: How to verify oil sensor works (that’s what I googled for sanity check) let’s us know what you find and post some pics please 🙂
  10. Hi Steven - Interesting that the Aladdin is showing tranny temp. This would indicate that at least one tranny temp sensor is working and that the Aladdin can read it. This would make me wonder where the 2nd tranny temp sensor is, as that may be the issue. Or, if there is only one tranny temp sensor, I wonder why the dash temp gauge is not getting the signal that the Aladdin is. Are you able to read the resistance on the temp sensor at the tranny and compare that reading you get on the wire at the gauge? Keep us updated! Jeff
  11. Chris - Always fun to read your posts. Do you have a weekly podcast or other blog you maintain?
  12. Hi Tom - It looks like Southwire makes this. Have you tried calling Southwire's customer support number? 800.780.4324
  13. Here's some notes I've been gathering about model comparisons across the Monaco brands. I do know that Monaco would include higher brand features down the line (Camelot got some Dynasty features with new model years). I attached the image of the comparison table. I'm not easily able to paste the table or image of table.
  14. Welcome! I just happen to have the Windsor wiring diagram as I assume it's close to mine (03 Camelot PST). Here you go. 2003 Windsor wiring diagrams.pdf
  15. Re: REV no longer is marketing or selling any Monaco Brand Coach. I just built a Signature on the Monaco website: https://www.monacocoach.com/model-build-results?model=180&floorplans=497&colors=440&decor=275&wood=169&total=565%2C012&options[]=153&options[]=157&options[]=160&options[]=164&options[]=168&options[]=171&options[]=175 or are you implying this is some other Motorhome underneath?
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