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  1. Chris Throgmartin is our resident awning expert so hopefully he will chime in. However, my first guess would be that your spring(s) need to be adjusted with more tension. Is this a "patio" awning or a "window" awning?
  2. I have Toyo tires on both axles, 295-80R-22.5 Love them and cheaper than all of the name brands,
  3. I could only guess that the reason is because the motorcycle lift limits clear and safe access to the rear engine.
  4. If you are in Florida, Josam's in Orlando is a dealer.
  5. What model is your Sharp Microwave? I remember posting to a thread not that long ago from a person with the very same question. Have you done a search for any previous similar posts?
  6. I would rather put my life and trust into a proven metal based technology versus one that has had a recall right out of the gate AND is not made of metal. I have Tyron Bands on my steer tires and thank God have not had to test them out. I pulled the trigger back in 2017 when I had new steer tires installed.
  7. Most truck stops refuse to work or service RV's or motorhomes because of the amount of trucks that they have come through their shop needing service. Speedco is one of the exceptions. Luckily I have found a truck repair shop in Orlando where the owner previously owned a Class A motorhome. They now do all of my engine repairs and service the fluids and filters at a very reasonable cost.
  8. Brett, You must have missed this thread that I had posted early last year. Here is what I did.
  9. Jim J is correct. Back in 2015 I had a truck repair shop in Terrance British Columbia suggest that I dump in two bottles of Irontite into my almost completely empty coolant system as I had a small leak from very worn out tubes and fins in my side radiator near the bottom so I lost a lot of coolant. This was after a 200 mile tow off of the Cassier Highway in northern BC. I drove another 5000 miles from BC all the way to Rochester to see family and then on down to Gadsden Alabama to have a new aluminum radiator built and installed by CG&J Radiator without losing one drop of coolant. The radi
  10. Jim, AFAIK, I have been the only one who has reported a problem with the Samsung early on after installation and that was with the RF-197 model that was installed in April 2012. Well with exception of the member who did his own installation and was attaching the freezer latch to the side of the fridge when he drilled into the fridge and punctured the coolant line. Had to remove and purchase a new one but that was a self-inflicted problem. My problem started in the summer while up in Alaska where we would get water collecting under the crisper bins. Once we returned to the lower 48 I
  11. Ryan, do you have power to the coach while in storage? If not then nothing to worry about. My 2002 Windsor came with an Lyght Transfer Switch which is now made by ESCO. I doubt that your high end Signature has an IOTA IT-50R Transfer Switch.
  12. So sorry to hear about the after affects from your faulty IOTA Transfer Switch. Many members of this group including myself have been preaching and warning time and time again to other unsuspecting members along with new members in regards to changing out their transfer switch IF they have an IOTA one. I can't remember how many years have passed since we all began to warn people. Plus I can't tell you the number of posts, most likely hundreds made on the old Monaco Yahoo site and I'd bet there are even some on this new site in regards to warning owners about the IOTA Transfer switch.
  13. Jim, I will take them off your hands for the shipping charges to 32136. Thanks!
  14. Rik, The procedure of the RVIBrake system when setting it up is to activate it a few times, meaning that the air assisted ram that is connected to the brake pedal will push on the brake pedal 5 times to accomplish two important things. One to set it firmly against the stop plate and two, to purge all of the vacuum from the cars brake system so that it will brake the car correctly. The air assisted ram in the RVIBrake system is very strong and does NOT need the vacuum assist like us weak humans. The BIG feature of the RVIBrake system is that it can be used for many different vehicles
  15. John, I had Billy Thibodeaux's RV in Scott LA do my install back in 2012. They did an excellent job. Not cheap but not one problem with the install or operation of the fridge ever since then. The shop is about 200 miles from Biloxi. They allowed us to stay in the coach at night as it took a little over one day to install it. We were Full-Time Rver's back then.
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