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  1. While you were there did you happen to see any Zerks on the U-joint? The column in some coaches have a couple of Zerks in that area which need to be lubricated periodically.
  2. I have to retract the post I made below. It appears that Banks has stopped making Power Pack or Stinger kits for any Cummins engines. Banks still offers a Power Pack Bundle for the Cummins ISB.
  3. Don, it is no longer available. The company supplying Banks with the Ottomind stopped making them. But you can read about it here. https://official.bankspower.com/magazine/powerpack/ When running stock my stock boost gauge would max out at about 24 lbs. After the Banks Power Pack install, the Banks Boost Gauge would provide about 32 lbs of boost. The stock gauge remained the same. Another Banks gauge which is extremely important is the EGT gauge when climbing grades. Temps will always go up for the coolant and transmission when climbing grades.
  4. You are Flat-Towing 7300 lbs so your tongue weight will be negligible. 7300 lbs is well within the 10,000 lb hitch rating. Having a diesel PLUS the added benefit of the Banks Power Pack, there won't be a highway grade that you can't climb. You may not get to the top the fastest but you WILL get there. I have climbed grades from the west coast to the east coast and from Alaska to the Key's (LOL) and there wasn't one that I couldn't get over. I also have the Banks Power Pack however, on my last trip to New Hampshire I think the Ottomind took a dump. I had to install the By-Pass Plug to continue on to my destination here on Ossipee Lake. Without the Banks Ottomind working I had no boost. It is now back to factory stock with the ByPass Plug. I still have to do some troubleshooting to see if the Ottomind is completely dead. Do NOT pay any attention to speed while climbing grades. It's your RPM that you need to watch. Always try to keep your RPM's around the 2000 mark. That will give you the proper torque in your Cummins ISC so that you are not lugging the engine while climbing. Downshift manually to keep those RPM's at that level.
  5. You should be able to find a local hydraulic shop that will rebuild the ram and seals but if not then there is a shop in Cincinnati Ohio called Affordable Hose & Fittings that will rebuild it for you and ship it back to your location. http://www.affordablehydraulics.com/
  6. Balancing is a personal choice. Some say you don't need to balance rear duallies ever. I don't agree with that! Then there are multiple methods for balancing RV tires. Those are - Static, off-coach Dynamic Spin, on-coach Dynamic Spin, Dyna Beads, Powder such as Equal or Counteract (stay away from these), BB's, Balance Masters & Centramatics. I have used Dyna Beads in the past as they constantly keep the tire/wheel balanced regardless of mud & debris on the tire, plus any tire wear and any changes to the tire & wheel. I have since switched to Balance Masters on the rear as a new set of Dyna Beads + shipping were going to cost me about $100 less than the set of Balance Masters installed. When I have the front steers changed out next time I will have the Dyna Beads removed and a set of Balance Master installed on the front. The Balance Masters have a lifetime warranty and can be transferred to other RV coaches with 22.5 wheels. Do your due diligence and make your own decision.
  7. Synthetic oil for your engine AFAIAC is a waste of money. Since going Part-Time RVing I don't put the miles on the coach as I was while Full-Timing. Therefore the oil gets changed once a year usually during the winter while in Florida. My shop uses Delo but I carry Valvoline Blue while traveling to add when needed. I use Fleetguard secondary fuel filter, Racor Primary fuel filter, Fleetguard oil filter and Donaldson air filter. I use Onan fuel & air filter for the generator and Racor fuel filter for the Aqua-Hot. I don't use oil sampling. I use synthetic oil in my Allison Transmission, front oil hubs and rear differential. I use Dexron VI Synthetic oil in the Hydraulic reservoir for the Fan and Steering Box.
  8. When Josam's replaced my Sheppard Steering box with the TRW they removed the steering wheel and re-centered it correctly. Not sure which steering wheel you have in your coach. Posting that information would help as all coaches are not the same. I am going to assume you have the VIP Smart steering wheel. You need to have a metric (can't remember which size) Allen wrench. There is a hole in the driver's side portion bottom of the center cover where you insert the wrench at an angle to engage the metric Allen Head Bolt. Loosen that bolt until the cover is loose enough to remove. Remove the large nut holding the wheel to the threaded steering column shaft. Now you need the appropriate sized and shape Steering Wheel Puller to attach to the steering wheel with the center pointed bolt positioned on the center of the main threaded shaft that holds the wheel. Now start turning the center bolt of the puller until the steering wheel is free from the tapered shaft. Reposition the steering wheel on the taper and start the nut that holds the wheel onto the steering column. Make sure that the nut is torqued down to the proper specs before installing the cover. I am guessing around 50 ft/lbs.
  9. Denny, BIG difference between the value of real estate Houses and RV Motorhomes. The former generally appreciates in value whereas the latter depreciates significantly. No comparison whatsoever! RV's are a "dime a dozen" and there are a plethora of them on the market in all shapes, sizes, conditions and prices. Real estate homes are unique as you discovered. Depending on the market location today, it is a seller's market usually ending up in a bidding war increasing the price well over the asking price. I always try to buy "smartly".
  10. Steven P, You are WAY off base on your Internet shopping and comprehension of the Borg web site. Maybe you should consider calling them directly to get the REAL price instead of posting bogus information. I went to their web site and easily found the Borg Dually Stem Kits for Monaco motorhomes which are being sold for $140. Plus the custom bent & sized stems for the front wheels are less than $15 each. So for less than $170 plus shipping you can have these at your door step. That's a SIGNIFICANT difference than the $700 you are complaining about! Plus I had my stems installed by the local tire company that were installing new tires & Dyna Balancing Beads so the charge was minimal. I don't own stands, jacks, air tools, etc. and anything else needed to work on tires and don't plan to. That's what my CC is for. In regards to the TPMS there are a few excellent reliable brands on the market, Pressure Pro, TST, Tire SafeGuard come to mind. They can be had for about $700 or less depending on how many wheels you need to monitor. Or you can run without a TPMS and end up paying a lot more than $700 on the side of the road for one tire let alone two if it's the rear. Totally up to you, as the Quaker State Oil ad used to say on TV, "Pay me now or Pay me later"! Your money, your coach, your choice! The experienced long term members here have "been there and done that". We give out free advice based on our experiences. After that it's up to the other members to do what they want.
  11. Where in the world are you getting $700 for Borg Stems? The price for these stems hasn't gone up THAT much in 11 years! They should be less than $150. However I put Borg chrome stems on my front wheels too. Easy to put the Cap TPMS Sensors on without being a contortionist.
  12. Don, There is a member, Ernie Ekberg, who is working side by side with his son in the flooring business. You won't be disappointed with their high quality workmanship. You can find them in the Vendors section of this forum. Here is the link!
  13. Is it driven electrically or by air pressure? Good to know before attempting to give you useful information that pertains to your setup.
  14. You are not looking in the right places. https://tinyurl.com/48w5xrtk
  15. And yet the residents keep endorsing the people responsible for the mismanagement of state dollars. What does that tell you about the intelligence of those that keep doing the same thing getting the same results but expecting something different and better. ROTFLMFAO
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