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  1. Most likely somewhere between 1.5 - 2 gallons.
  2. The video shows the trees that they hit. The video shows that it happened next to a rest area on I-77. I travel I-77 when going north for the summer and returning south for the winter. That rest area is near the north end of Chester County in South Carolina just south of Rock Hill. I have used those rest area many times in both directions. https://www.google.com/maps/search/I-77+Rest+area+in+chester+county/@34.7637657,-81.0363082,614m/data=!3m1!1e3
  3. Ron, the manual says "port(s) meaning there could be two especially for the rear which always has two ride height valves. Whereas the front normally only has one ride height valve. My Windsor has two in the rear and one in the front. Therefore my 6-Pack HWH valves are setup the same way.
  4. The old style Penguin is no longer sold unless someone has really OLD stock left in inventory. However there is a converter board that can be purchased for the new AC so it will run with the old CCC thermostat.
  5. Yes, but that post refers to using the MicroAir with both OLD and NEW Penguin AC's. It may be the newest and smartest technology for AC's but I don't think it is THAT smart.
  6. I have attached the manual for the Valid Air Leveling System. On page 14 it describes the ports and their air connections. pg_valid_manual_air_level_install_service_.pdf
  7. Tim, this morning I went back to read this entire thread and there isn't one post from you or anyone quoting you in regards to identifying the brand of your transfer switch so I my early prognosis of dementia has been determined to be non-existent for now at least. Don't know what the future has in store for me regarding my cognitive abilities but for now I can rest easy. 😁
  8. I have read on this forum where people were highly recommending an upgraded Sanicon pump called the TURBO, much stronger and faster. https://www.thetford.com/products/evacuation/sani-con-turbo/
  9. Either I am developing early dementia or something more serious but I don't remember reading the brand of transfer switch in any of your posts in this thread.
  10. Without knowing exactly what brand of transfer switch he has as it was never posted, the ESCO EN-65 requires 120 VAC power to each set of relays to engage either the generator or the shore power. When neither are present no relay contactors are engaged. Knowing what brand of transfer switch would help to identify if the generator relay is NC versus NO.
  11. Well that is weird because when I read through Fault Code 33 it says nothing about the Coolant Sensor failing causing Fault 33. However, it does list a significant number of causes for High Coolant Temperature. Now, if you had a Fault Code 24, that DOES specifically state the Coolant Sensor has failed not allowing the engine to run more than 5 minutes. It just may end up to be completely different problem even after you figure out how to remove the broken sensor. OR.....you could do the following The manual also states that Fault 24 is a by-passable fault with exceptions as stated on page 18-1. Refer to your manual for above information.
  12. Ron, could it be that the ride height solenoid is being energized but the solenoid piston is stuck inside the valve not allowing any air from leaving the six-pack block to raise the air bags? Have you check the air ports going to the ride height valves & air bags to make sure that air is able to leave the block when the travel solenoids are energized?
  13. What was the fault code you got each time it shut down? When my Coolant Temperature Sensor failed the generator would run for almost 5 minutes before shutting down, like 4 minutes and 55 seconds. Plus the error code was #24. I had the Cummins shop in Orlando replace the sensor and do complete service before heading out on a summer trip to the west back in 2017. Been running fine ever since. 58 seconds sound like something else is going on and not the Coolant Sensor.
  14. There are TWO vents, one is the gravity fill opening located in the service bay and the other is your overflow tube located on the passenger side. Look under the coach for it's opening to the ground.
  15. Have you checked the circuit breakers on the Inverter to make sure they haven't tripped?
  16. Ron, do you have the manual and if so is there any troubleshooting pages that may step you through to find the problem? I don't know much about the Valid System and mine is HWH which I am quite familiar with now.
  17. There have been more times than NOT that I wished that the two of mine were electric and not manual. Do you want to switch? LOL
  18. Bob, Unless Monaco totally neglected to install an overflow tube in the Knight coaches when they were built which seems highly unlikely it is possible that your overflow tube is blocked with Mud Daubers.
  19. Our fresh water tank overflow is on the passenger side just in front of the rear dual wheels. You can see the overflow tube when you open the tank bay door which is secured with screws underneath. The tube forms a U shape from the top of the tank going up then over to the edge and finally down through the bottom of the floor. The shape prevents the overflow tube from siphoning the water from the tank.
  20. OK, got it! He probably thought you still had the board bypassed and out of the circuit completely. I guess he misunderstood your question and objective.
  21. I don't quite understand what is so "dangerous" in regards to using a 20 amp shore power supply to check out your Intellitec EMS Control Board. Basically you first want to make sure that all high amp devices are turned off and you set your Inverter/Charger to Maximum Charging Amps of 5 instead of 15. Then make sure you are using a 20 amp receptacle not a 15 amp one. Then plug your 20 to 50 amp adapter into your power cord followed by plugging the adapter into the wall receptacle. Then go inside and push the 30/20 button to select 20 amp setting. You should have 6 device lights lit up along the right side of the display. Now turn on the front AC which should be the THIRD device to shed and view how many total amp's it is drawing. Next turn on the rear AC which should be the FIRST device to shed. The board should now shed the rear AC as there are not enough amp's to run both AC's on 20 amp's of shore power. I'd be interested in what Chris has to say about what is dangerous.
  22. I have two bottom hole plugs in my service bay, one large for the sewer that screws in and one smaller for the water that is a flip cover that snaps into the floor bottom. What some people have done to prevent being locked out of older type lift up doors is to drill an access hole from underneath into the area where the door plunger is located. That will allow you to use a small round driver to depress the plunger enough to open the door.
  23. I think your 5 oz recommendation is significantly off from what the Dyna Bead Tire chart recommends which is 12 oz's per tire. https://innovativebalancing.com/chart.htm#CommercialChart
  24. I would imagine that the Tankless Water Heater is propane versus electric, right? If so I wonder what the old circuit for the electric hot water element is hooked to now?
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