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Ride Height Info 09 Knight

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Jim McFarland
I called Source Engineering and the Knights ride height spec front and back are 9”. That is based on the manufacturer of the bag Firestone. But if u need a softer ride he recommends 8-1/2”. Do not go below 8”. They said before u make any changes check for extreme angles on the u-joints.

So now I need to check my measurement between bag plates to see how their info compares the the chart I have. If there is a big difference they want me to call back with what I find. Chart in download files says 09 Knight 9-3/4 front and 11-3/8 rear. Confusing.

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52 minutes ago, John Haggard said:

The drive shaft angle is 100 % what's most important. 


The long term service mechanics at city bus and over the road bus terminals 


I gathered that. But is there an angle measurement in degrees +-?

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