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Another inverter issue…Magnum 2812

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06 Navigator with a replacement 2812 by previous owner. With the generator running the inverter/charger will stop charging and start inverting BUT both legs of the generator power does not drop out. Will do this about every 30 seconds.

In trouble shooting another problem for our daughter on their first dry camping day (son-in-law is handy) he was concerned that with everything but the residential refrigerator turned off the inverter was drawing 30 amps out of the batteries. Discovered that a 55 amp charger had been added in parallel with the 2812 BUT it was plugged into the outlet in the basement which is powered by the inverter… perpetual power has been discovered. Unplugging it and the inverter dropped to 2 amps…problem solved. Suggested moving the charger to the engine area and using the block heater outlet to power it.

Back to the inverter, inverting with the generator running. By manually turning the inverter off it went into bulk charging at 150 amps tapering down after 30 minutes like it should. This confirms that the 2812 is getting uninterrupted 117V power BUT, if you turn the inverter back on (press the button on the remote control) it goes back to charging and  inverting.

Any suggtions?

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