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Awnings Won't Come In, Important

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I did a search and I'll do another one after posting this but this is kind of an emergency. They're coming out to put tires on at 9 in the morning so I went down to the shop to bring in the awnings and slides. I left the awnings out because they'd been rolled up so long.

Patio awning nor door awning will move. I could live with the door awning staying out but it doesn't look like there's clearance to bring the passenger side slide in with the awning out.

I've fiddled with the awning on off switch, the salesman switch (even though every thing else works) and I know it has to be something simple.

Is there another awning cut out switch I don't know about that I could have bumped, maybe outside? I also fiddled with the outside switch on the awning arm, at least I think that's what it is since I've not used it before.


Thanks in advance.

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20 minutes ago, Capt Mike said:

Make sure ignition switch is in off position?

I turned it on and off a few times.


I can't edit the thread title now but this isn't so important anymore. I got a ladder where I could watch and brought the slide in a little at a time and it cleared the awning cover that's hanging down a little.

So I still need to fix it, but not an emergency anymore.

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Went back down to the shop today to mess with the awnings and maybe finally change the generator fuel filter, oil and oil filter, and air filter.

Problem with the awnings was simple. Too simple.

They run off chassis batteries and the chassis batteries were dead. Why they're pulling juice is the next thing I need to figure out.
Got them on my charger now.

Also need to figure out how to charge them from shore power.

Maybe I'll finally get around to doing all the generator maintenance tomorrow.

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