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2008 HR Neptune headlights

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I am probably going to replace my headlight assemblies on my 2008 HR Neptune due to a cracked lens.  About 10 years ago a factory tech told me that they are the same as used on a particular make and model automobile/truck from 2007-2008.  Unfortunately I can't remember the auto/truck he referenced.  Anyone have an idea? I know that there is probably some DOT id number stamped somewhere on the assembly but no luck finding without pulling out he assembly I think. Thanks. Joe

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The DOT is right on the lens. No need to take it out. My 09 are from a Dodge Ram pickup 


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1 hour ago, Wineberry said:

Thank you.  I'll check the lens again.

The link to headlights depot allows you to put in you coach, model and year which then pulls up you headlights.

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