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Air bag part number

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I have a 2001 dynasty with 10 airbags. They look like they need to be replaced sometime in the near future. Has anybody had any experience replacing these? How hard is it? Do I need anything special?

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It is bes to first determine your chassis. There is a place on line that can identify this using your VIN number (no not recall the URL or would post a link). Most OEM air bags for Monaco were made by Firestone (and they have an online download PDF that will give you the specific part numberhttps://www.firestoneip.com) ) . That said it is not alway accurate. The surest way is to look on the bag itself. It will be raised writing in an oval. If the Firestone bag is no longer available from them try other sources like Automann (https://www.automann.com/products) That is where I got mine.

Example: for our 2005 Safari Cheetah the chassis type is R4R. THe air bags are Firestone W01-358-9551 / Contech AB1DK20D-9551


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14 hours ago, TW Racing said:

We have the Contitech and looking to replace with whatever is available, I’m checking for part numbers now using the vin. Thanks for the advice.

Are you replacing the Contitech because of age, or do you not like them? I just installed 5 of them.

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