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Headlights / Parking Lights Won't Turn Off


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2004 Monaco Monarch

Me again,  Turned on my head lights today while driving and now they stay on all the time.  They turned on and off with the switch last night!

I turned the light switch off and the ignition off and pulled the key - they still stay on.  The only way to get them to go off is shutoff the engine battery disconnect switch.

Is a sticking relay common or is it more likely the switch?  Or something completely different.

I'm in the middle of travel so I'll start serious troubleshooting in a couple days.

Thanks for your patience and advice.


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Thought I'd provide feedback on what I found and the fix.

When I looked under the dash it was obvious that the headlight switch assembly had literally fallen off the back of the dash switch plate.  They were originally glued or melted together.  I guess that's what 18 years of vibration does.  I "super-glued" the switch assembly back to the dash plate to hold it in place correctly and then reinforced the connection it with epoxy.  And we have a working headlight switch again.

Lesson learned:  Along with Gorilla tape, keep superglue and epoxy in my RV tool box.

Best Regards



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