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Tekonsha P3 display gone dark

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I use a Tekonsha P3 to tow my tandem trailer behind my jeep.  

I hadn't noticed that the display had gone dark, in the past when I started the Jeep it would go through a "sense" cycle looking for the trailer and then go dark.  It does not do that now.

And what's worse, when I towed the Jeep last week the light did not come on like in the past and you could hardly see the display.  I know the controller is working as when I tested the brakes they dug into the gravel and I could feel the brake holding the trailer back.

I read in the manual that to reset the controller unplug it for 15 minutes, which I did but it did not fix the problems.  I did multiple searches on the internet and the Tekonsha site and did not find anything.  I sent an email to customer support but have not had a response yet.

Any suggestions? 


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Even though I didn't get any responses I thought I provide an update in case someone else has a problem.

I sent and email to the Tekonsha tech support and had a fast reply. After explaining what it was/wasn't doing the tech created a service ticket and told me to send it back. I had to send them proof of purchase, which I had.

This morning I got an email that they will send me a replacement.


Considering I bought this ~6 years ago I was surprised that they'd do that. Can't beat that.

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