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2006 holiday rambler 40 PDQ endeavor.


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This is what I did..... controllable, on, or auto, or off (disconnect)..... Normally run it in auto, batteries charge off either power source engine Alt or Generator thru Inverter.

If running gen/inverter while driving I separate the batteries, ML-ACR in "off" to isolate the two power sources, otherwise "auto" all the time.

Note: terminals from old relay are smaller than the ML-ACR lugs, use a "stepdrill" bit to open them up for ez install.



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So while driving it will change the house batteries 

On 2/26/2022 at 5:18 PM, BradHend said:

Am thinking about buying the BlueFire adaptor for my coach, and was hoping someone on here may be able to verify a question I have.  My coach has a 9 pin diagnostic port in the rear engine bay, and a six pin port in the front cab.  The question is, will there be less information available via the 6 pin port, and should I be purchasing the 9 pin extension cable and bring it all the way up front.  


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