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  1. Jim J, I used a #10 union with a 1/8" NPT tap out the side for a pressure transmitter/gauge to connect the original flex hose that comes from the primary filter (removed the primary filter and installed my new pump and filter system at that location) to the rigid line that feeds the secondary filter. Capped off the in and out fittings of the "lift pump", disconnected the lift pump electric connector and installed a 10 ohm resister across the wire harness connector. No "engine" lights.... Ken
  2. I got mine from American Diesel Performance, in MO.... TS-165G-P.... just under $700 shipped to my door. you will need a long (34+ft) 1/2" fuel hose to run back to the fuel tank. There was a round "conduit" that passes from the suspension area in the back to the suspension area in the front (on the drivers side) where I routed the hose and some wiring thru. Ken
  3. My waterproof LED strip light https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075R1S9LM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 came in and I modified one of my ceiling light fixtures. The 16' strip is enough to do 4 of my lights, it takes some soldering ability and basic understanding of DC electricity (Black is positive on my MH, white is negative, red on the lights is positive, black is negative) I removed all the guts that operated the fluorescent tubes, left the switch that controls the 12vdc, wired it directly to the one end of the LED strip. Peel and stick the strip around the pe
  4. Return hose and fuse block came in and I finished up the install.... cranked it up, fired right off and ran smooth as glass! Spent the rest of the day securing the wire harness and return hose. Installed a new secondary filter (filter with water sensor connector) that is just before the CAPS pump/injector. I can not imagine that EVER indicating there is water to be drained with this FASS system installed! Can't wait to test drive it! Ken
  5. Making progress on my FASS system (fuel polisher and fulltime lift pump) install.... I'm doing this on my 2003 HR Endeavor (Monaco) RR8R chassis. I 'tapped into' the "Ignition" on power up front in the FWD LH basement compartment , used an open fuse holder and routed the wire back to the RH Rear Battery bay where I (when the fuse holder gets here) plan to mount a remote IGN buss. (to control the PASS pump and any other accessories (electric FP gauge)..... Hooked up the relay power wires to the chassis batteries and did a quick ops check of the pump by touching the ign on wire to the
  6. Gary B, Where I can I'm doing a straight bulb replacement for hot wire and halogen bulbs, but on the 12v florescent bulbs they are really pricy... >$14 each and I have 6 overhead fixtures down the center ceiling of the coach with two bulbs each. So, my plan (I will post photos as I get one modified and installed) is to use LED light strips around the inside of the "gutted" housing and reinstall the lens cover. I have used these style LED strips under the cabinets in my kitchen at my house and they work very nicely there, even without any lens cover. Ken
  7. Dennis, Looking at the map, Fords Garage is the other side of Orlando from my brother who lives in Oviedo, so please ship me a cover. Message me for shipping details. Ken (Cubflyer)
  8. Van, I'm totally with you on all this.... as for my knowledge on electrical systems... very knowledgeable... In a past life, I installed avionics and other electrical components in aircraft. 12v, 24v, and commercial airliners. I have not unpackaged the FASS electrical harness yet (that's tomorrow's project) but it is my understanding that they use ign. switched on power to control a relay that is connected (with a large fuse) directly to the chassis batteries (not the "House" batteries) to power the pump, if that is not how their harness works, it will be the way I make it work....
  9. Jim J, So do you think I could pick up a "switched ignition" power there to control my FASS pump relay?
  10. My FASS Titanium Pump and filter kit came Monday, I've been working on the install. I found a conduit by the left frame rail that runs from the back to the front and 'fished' a 1/2" return hose from the "primary filter" near the A/C bay just aft of the left rear wheels. Photo attached Built a bracket to bolt the FASS pump and filters to that bolts to the original filter bracket out of some 3" angle iron. Photo coming... Built a fitting to combine the fuel tank overflow/vent, (a 3/4" pipe thread tank opening) into a FASS 1/2" return pipe and a 1/2" tank vent. Photo attached.
  11. I'm doing exactly that same thing right now.... but I'm reusing the fixture and just changing the guts out to LED....... and I broke one of the lens covers...sure would be better to have a new one rather than gluing together the broken one... Where in FL are you? anywhere near Orlando/Sanford?? Ken
  12. Vanwill52, Totally agree... I'm looking for the fuel cleaning also.....Thanks!
  13. Steven P, These are the replacement "bulbs" that I used in my 'down' lights around my coach by the windows.. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EDIGCY8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They originally were the halogen bulbs like yours but had a reflector behind it that the bulb style you linked would not fit, I removed the reflector and hot glued the connector into the housing, plugged in these flat lights and remounted, installed the cover with the lens... worked great, looks good, only negative is they do not dim... but I do not care... Ken
  14. StevenP, If I were you, I would go on AMAZON and look for some 12v LED surface mount lights and remove those puck light housings. I have not looked for exactly what you are relamping, but I thought I saw some 3" 12v surface mount lights that would work better than relamping the current housings. something like this.... https://www.amazon.com/Surface-Interior-Exterior-Waterproof-Trailer/dp/B07FT2L8TQ/ref=sr_1_19?crid=6VK90DHP9946&dchild=1&keywords=12v+led+surface+mount+light&qid=1616968049&sprefix=12v+LED+surface%2Caps%2C190&sr=8-19
  15. Thanks Neal, I think BikedaveM and JD installed just the lift pump replacement FASS pump, I'm (and I believe you) installing the pump with filter system that returns fuel to the tank. I have a "Roadmaster" RR8R chassis, and it is looking like I will be mounting the system in the front near the fuel tank. But I'm not fully decided or locked into that idea. My biggest concern is getting the 1/2" hose routed forward thru the chassis to the fuel tank. If there is a trick or easy way to do that .... I'm listening! Ken
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